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Why You Shouldn’t Stay Together For The Holidays


No one wants to be alone for the holidays — even couples who are well aware that whatever they had is completely over and gone. Staying together “just for now” may seem to be the solution to going it solo during all the parties and festivities.

If you’re in a relationship that has been having major problems, the holidays are not the best time to analyze what you need to do. Holidays bring a dreamlike quality to couples. Even with all the stress and rush of the season, even when you know deep within your heart that you need to make a change and leave the relationship, there is a nagging thought in your mind that begins to feel a sadness that you as a couple are in trouble. You begin to look at the other person and endow him or her with qualities they may not really have. Maybe they’re not so bad after all; maybe we can salvage “us” as a couple. Perhaps we’re just going through a bad time.

It isn’t reality; it’s all the holiday music, traditions, the peace on earth, good will to all and the umpteenth broadcast of “A Charlie Brown Christmas” that is clouding the practical side of your brain!

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