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Style Trend: Celebrities Looking Hot in Leather


Leather is everywhere this season, whether it’s a skirt, jacket, or leggings. It seems The Gap was correct when they predicted that leather would be the new denim and the stars can’t get enough! From J. Lo to Ciara to Kim K., any fashionista worth her Louboutins is sporting this tried and true staple of rock stars and bikers. And they’re taking leather out of the garage and making it fabulously uptown.

Who hasn’t seen J. Lo rocking the trend in her oft-played L’Oreal commercial? But the true devotees of this fashion statement can hardly be caught in anything else these days. Ciara seems absolutely smitten with leather – showing off her style savvy in everything from shorts to up-to-there thigh high boots to the leather staple of the season, leggings (in both brown and black!). One of the things that might make this trend so popular is its ability to play just as fresh from season to season. Ciara was killing it in leather shorts this spring, and she’s still devoted to the look as we head into winter. She and her gal pal Kim Kardashian even seem to take turns when it comes to who gets to wear leather – being snapped multiple times with one or other sporting black, leather leggings, but they never commit the faux pas of both showing up clad in the fabric of the moment (no “Bitch Stole My Look!” for these two on The Fashion Police!).

It’s easy for leather to go the way of tramps and trollops, but these stars seem to be able to keep it cool and sophisticated (even those thigh-high boots don’t make us mistake Ciara for a streetwalker). Other leather lovers include Nicole Richie, Serena Williams, and the ever-exciting Rhi Rhi. In fact, it’s virtually impossible to tell who loves this trend most. Rhianna has been spotted recently in fashion-forward slouchy leather pants and a scene-stealing brown moto jacket with a fur collar. Serena has been snapped in so many different leather pieces, that I think she must have replaced all those tennis skirts with this fab fabric. Even Beyonce can still rock the latest fads, showing off her baby bump in a daring blue leather jacket.

However they choose to don this darling of the runways, stars are looking uber-chic in leather this season. If you want to rock the trend but fear the price tag, there are several retailers out there making leather accessible to all: H & M, Forever 21, The Gap and even Target have all featured cool, leather offerings that will still leave room in your budget for a new pair of booties or some killer shades to complete your look. Don’t despair – you too can turn up the heat this winter in the leather look of your choice!

– Brooke Niemeyer

Brooke Niemeyer is an entertainment junkie and an author for Celebutaunt. You can follow her on Twitter @RNYBrooke

(Photo: M.I.S.S)

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