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Recap: ‘Love & Hip Hop’ Season 2 Premiere ( Chrissy & Kimbella Face Off)


The premiere episode of ‘Love & Hip Hop’ Season 2 was explosive! Newcomer Kimbella, girlfriend to rapper Julez Santana, stirs up some drama when she confesses to Emily she was involved with her ex, rapper Fabolous, 3 years ago. Unfortunately not only were Emily and Fab together then, she was also pregnant with their now 3 yr old son.

Although Emily was quick to forgive and forget, Chrissy found Kimbella’s confession tasteless and decides to confront her about it. Watch what happens.

After watching the fight I do agree Kimbella’s timing was wrong. She should have spoken with her privately about it. But I also believe it wasn’t Chrissy’s place to confront her. However, I think Emily is a bit naive at times and has shown us a bit of why she may have been taken advantage of in her relationship with Fab. She’s way too forgiving and allows people to mistreat her. Emily, grow a backbone, please!

You heard my opinion. What are your thoughts?

In a recent interview with MTV Chrissy admits to regretting their fight.

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