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Patti LaBelle Gets Sued For Screaming At Toddler


Say it ain’t so Patti! Legendary singer Patti LaBelle gets sued for allegedly screaming at toddler, yes, you read that correctly. She’s also accused of throwing a punch at the child’s mother outside a Manhattan apartment house.

Kevin and Roseanna Monk accuse LaBelle of screaming at their then 18 months old daughter Genevieve, in a lawsuit filed in Manhattan Supreme Court this week. According to the Monks’ lawyer, Samuel L. Davis, while the young child ran around the lobby of an upper West Side apartment building, where LaBelle stayed during her stint in the Broadway show “Fela!” last November, the singer lashed out at the child’s mother saying, ‘What are you doing letting your kid run around like that?’

Davis says, LaBelle continued “screaming at my client, throwing water from a bottle at the mother’s face and the baby’s face.” Roseanna Monk,a kindergarten teacher, then scooped up her daughter stating only, “are you happy that this is what you have done to this baby?!”

At that point LaBelle, “tries to take a swing” at his client before her entourage shoved her into a black car and the baby violently threw up all over her mother.

When contacted, a rep for the singer denied to comment.

Do you believe this story? In my opinion, something is wrong with this story. I strongly doubt the mother remained calm if Patti did lash out or if this happened at all. Also, why sue a year later? I’d say they’re having financial troubles.

(Photo: Patti Labelle/Facebook)

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    somethin aint right about this at all