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Attention Ballers, Lauren London & Cassie Impersonators On The Loose


Well what do we have here? Apparently, there are women pretending to be Lauren London and Cassie in hopes of snatching up a few ballers.

London herself took to twitter to say,

The full message reads,

Hello. Is thing on?! Testing 1,2…Blog’s, gossip columns, etc… here is a bit of information for you:

I have been being impersonated for who knows how long, as well as some of my friends and it must stop.

Entertainers and athletes are being targeted and made victim by this individual (s).
These men are buying plane tickets, having BBM conversations, phone conversations and basically a virtual relationship with this individual(s). It only lasts so long as obviously there is no “in person” contact in the end.

I feel very bad and embarrassed for these guys that have fallen victim to something so felonious and fictitious. It begins, when “someone” says “Cassie or Lauren London” is “trying to holla”. They use conveniently named email addresses and bicoastal area codes, to make it seem “real”. Note: This will NEVER in life be the case. Its not either one of our styles…….. AT ALL, EVER!

As such, If you have a feeling something is off and not right about this so called “Cassie or Lauren London” that you are “dating” OR that you think a friend of yours is dating….. YOU are very much a victim.

Lastly, to the individual (s) doing this; live YOUR life!!! You are wasting a precious life of your own.

Please RT this to the world. Thank you for your time. God Bless.

I don’t know if this is a publicity stunt for some attention but it sure got our attention! And, I must say, it’s funny! Although I don’t think what these women are doing is right, I don’t feel sorry for these guys. Seriously?! I guess you get what you pay for.
These women ha


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