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Taking It All Off: Close Crops


Close Crops

By Anne L. Fritz for Brilliant Color and Beauty Today

Hollywood’s biggest stars are taking it all off — their hair, that is. “It” girl Emma Watson was the latest to make a date with a pair of scissors, trading her long honey tresses for a pixie crop reminiscent of Mia Farrow. She follows in the footsteps of Renee Zellweger, who opted for a layered bob earlier this year; Cate Blanchett, who debuted a short crop at the Tony Awards over the summer; and fellow 20-something Hayden Panettiere, who after a few weeks of playing around with different hair colors, settled on a pixie cut in April.

Thinking about making the cut? Short hairstyles like these look best on hair that’s naturally straight or only slightly wavy; curly hair can get unruly when it’s this short. While you may think a short cut requires less maintenance — and it’s true that it’s quicker to style as there’s less hair that you need to dry — you will need your stylist on speed dial. Typically short haircuts like these need touch-ups every six weeks, minimum.

Anne L. Fritz is the managing editor of Brilliant Color and Beauty Today.


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