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Artist Spotlight: Barry Southgate


Meet singer/songwriter Barry Southgate. Southgate is a South African native, who grew up around music, perhaps, all his life. His father and two younger brothers all play guitar and sing, while his mother recorded a gospel album with her church choir years ago.
But it wasn’t until 2003 when Southgate moved to Sydney, Australia, leaving his family behind, to perform with singing/dancing group, Jireh. For two yeas he traveled with the group before they disbanded, even turning down a record deal.

A fan favorite from Australian Idol, (the country’s version of the US own American Idol talent competition), Southgate is now preparing for the release of his solo project, ‘Epitome’. The 5-track EP, is a fusion of pop and soul music, which according to Barry, the music that most represents who he is.

With a list of accomplishments under his belt abroad and touring with artists such as Brian McKnight, Joe and Eric Benet, Southgate is now hoping to capture the hearts, and ears, of the American public.

And he’s hoping to do just that with current single “Don’t You Think”. The song even reminds me a bit of talented singer/songwriter, in his own right, Bruno Mars. I’d love to hear your thoughts. Without further a due here’s “Don’t You Think”.

For more on Barry and his story visit, barrysouthgate.com.


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  • manguitch

    I really like this artist!!! The latest EP “Epitome” he did is pure gold. Awesoooome article by the way.:-)

  • Macu Pilime

    The entire album that Barry Southgate has releases titled Epitome reflects just a tad bit of the talent he has. I sincerely encourage every1 to get the album on iTunes and CD baby where you will amazing tracks such as Summer Night, The Fall, You and Against a wall.