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(Exclusive Interview) Erica Gluck: The Original Brittany Pitts of Hit Show ‘The Game’


I had the pleasure of interviewing a young actress by the name of Erica Gluck. You all may remember her as the original Brittany Pitts of hit television show, ‘The Game’,  the daughter of Sabers wide receiver Jason Pitts and house wife Kelly Pitts.

As you may already know, ‘The Game’ was an original sitcom on The CW running for 3 seasons until its cancellation in 2009. With much persistence by loyal fans, the show was renewed, only this time, on BET networks. As expected, the show was an instant success. Unfortunately, among many changes, it had been 2 years later, and the original Brittany Pitts, played by Erica, had been replaced.

For the first time, the actress speaks on finding out about the show’s renewal, not being re-casted and what she’s been up to.  We even get a bit of background information on the real Erica and future projects she has in store.

Here’s what she had to say.

Cotten Kandi: Did you always want to be an actress?

Erica: Ever since I can remember. My parents told me that my first step was a dance step, so I guess you
can say I have always wanted to be an entertainer.

CK: At what age did you get started?

Erica: I auditioned for a national Target Christmas commercial when I was 4 and got the job.

CK: How old are you now? Some reports suggest you’re 12 while others say 13.
Erica: I turned 13 July 22nd.

CK: Where are you and your family originally from?

Erica: My dad is from NY and my mom is from Philly.

CK: I read somewhere you speak Japanese. How did you learn the language?
Erica: I take Japanese at school. I am in my second year. I love sushi and the culture!

CK: How do you feel about the new installment of television show, ‘The Game’ and not being asked back to reprise your role as Brittany Pitts?

Erica: I am still a fan of the show. I was glad to be on for three seasons, but I was disappointed when I found out I was not being asked back.

CK: Do you watch the show now?

Erica: Yes. I do. I love all of the actors and they still feel like family to me.

CK: What do you miss most about working with the ‘The Game’ cast?

Erica: We had a lot of fun doing the show. Everybody involved are really great people. We always had a great time on the set.

CK: Do you know why you weren’t asked back to be a part of the show? Did the
producers tell you why, if so, please elaborate.

Erica: We were told after they started the new season. The producers said that they wanted to take Britt Brat’s character in a more adult direction.

CK: How did you find out that you had been replaced?

Erica: The show was on hiatus for almost two years until BET picked it up. When we heard that it was picked up, we were very excited. But we didn’t hear anything so my manager called the producers and they said that my part was recast with an older actress.

CK: What projects have you worked on since then?

Erica: I starred in a movie called Trinity Goodheart with Eric Benet and James Hong. I played Trinity. (The story of a relentless 12 year old raised by a single father on a hunt to find her mother.)

Erica is seen here with musician and co-star in the film, Eric Benet.

CK: What other acting projects do you have in the works?

Erica: Right now I have been focusing on my music career.

CK: I also read that you’re pursuing a music career, have you always wanted to be a singer?

Erica: I have been really fortunate to work with some great producers and songwriters. I have always wanted to sing. I recorded with Lil Chuckee and also got to work with Young Marqus, who is an incredible artist out of Houston. He’s 11 and just finished a tour with Lupe Fiasco and he’s got incredible flow.

CK: Who are some of the people who inspire you as an actress
or singer?

Erica: My inspiration as an actress is Natalie Portman, and as a musical performer, Beyonce.

CK: What do you want people to know about you that they may not already know?

Erica: I think that people will get to see a side of me that they haven’t before when we release my music. I will also be dancing in the videos, which is also something that I have been doing for a long time. I was fortunate to study with Debbie Allen when I was four and continued for quite a while. I also write or co-write my songs. Plus, I can rap.

Like they say, when one door closes another opens and, I for one, can’t wait to see what this young lady has in store.

For more on Erica Gluck and her upcoming projects, you may visit her official Facebook page.


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