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Mariah & Nick Debuts Dem Babies!


It took approximately 6 months, perhaps just as long to announce their pregnancy, but Nick and Mariah have FINALLY debuted their twins Moroccan and Monroe to the world.

In an exclusive interview with Barbara Walters on ’20/20′ last night, the celebrity parents revealed the difficult pregnancy Carey encountered and how having their twins have changed their lives.

“I don’t think I understood the enormity and the magnitude of what it really does to your body,” Carey said. “Carrying two babies. Unless somebody’s been through it, it’s difficult to understand what I went through, because my pregnancy was very unique in terms of what happened to me.”

“I had serious back problems,” she said. “I was afraid I wasn’t going to be able to walk properly again. It was a huge strain.”

When asked about what the twins have brought to their family Nick added,

“My family gives me everything. Unconditional love means…the world to me. I mean, it’s completion.”

So precious!!! See more photos below.

For more exclusive photos head over to dembabies.com!

Here’s what you may have missed in Nick and Mariah’s exclusive interview.

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