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Celebrity Birthdays: Kim Kardashian & Amber Rose…


Well what do we know, Kim Kardashian and Amber Rose may have a few things in common but I bet you didn’t know that that includes a birthday!

The two beauties are better known for who they’ve dated and their fashion scents but today Kim turns 31 while Amber is 28.

Amber Rose's photo 4 the Rosebuds Rosestuds & Taylors :-)Amber Rose on WhoSay

Although Amber celebrated her 28th birthday, along with boyfriend Wiz Khalifa as seen above, this past weekend, she’s currently in Hawaii soaking up the sun. She wrote this message to her fans,

Celebrating my Bday on the Beautiful Beaches of Hawaii just a few more hours Rosebuds! Oct. 21 1983 5:30pm was when Dottie Rose brought my bald headed silly self in this world. I Love my Mommy so much she raised me by herself & Did a damn good job thank u Mommy!!! I Love my Rosebuds & Rosestuds u guys keep me going and keep me Positive so thank u from the bottom of my heart! Last but not least the Love of my life u guys know him as Wiz Khalifa but he’s my Chunky Monkey Hamburger Patty thank you for always having my back Sweetheart and giving me all ur love!!! Well, its time for me to have a drink hit the beach & make love xoxo – Amb

Her Rosebuds/Rosestuds (as she calls them) even made a video for her. To watch along with what Amber had to say, go HERE!!!

You can find the newly married Kim Kardashian partying in Vegas along with the rest of the Kardashian clan.

She tweeted, “Want 2 come join me at my bday party in Vegas on 10/22 @ Marquee! Check out my @auctioncause eBay charity auction http://is.gd/kimsvegasbday

These Kardashians are always selling something. Lol.

She later added, “For my birthday this year, Kourtney is going to donate $, so I’m asking the whole fam to donate $ to The Dream Foundation!”

Well at least its all for a good cause.

Happy Birthday ladies!


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