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1 In 5 Women Choose Facebook Over Sex! What?!


Do you believe this study? They can’t be serious with this one right?!


According to a recent study, women would rather go a week without intimacy than to miss out on connecting with friends on, popular social networking site, Facebook.

‘The Doctors’ put this statistic to the test in the video above and are astonished by their audiences response. One male doctor jokes that you shouldn’t have to choose between the two and just combine them, while another laments women’s neglected partners. If previous research is an indication, like this study that proclaims dieting women think about food more than sex, women have a lot on their minds.

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Am the I the only one that sees something is wrong with this picture? Ladies, if you fall under this category and wonder why you’re still single, it’s clearly time to get out more!

Source: Huffington Post

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