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Fantasia Addresses Rumors Of Being Dropped From Mahalia Jackson Film On The Wendy Show


Singer Fantasia Barrino called in to do an exclusive interview with The Wendy Show yesterday after reports she had been dropped from the Mahalia Jackson biopic. According to reports, producers were upset that Fantasia had concealed her pregnancy before they were to begin filming and Jackson’s family, believed to be Christian, is upset the singer has fornicated and is now pregnant by married man Antwaun Cook.

On Whether Mahalia Jackson’s Family Is Upset & Disapproves Of Barrino Taking On The Role

“I almost went into labor because it was the first I heard anything about that. I haven’t spoken to the family, I haven’t heard from the family. That was my first time hearing about it. I almost went into labor.”

Fantasia says investors in the movie backed out and no contracts were signed to begin filming.

As for those Antwaun Cook rumors, Fantasia did not want to address the topic at the moment but said she would visit the Wendy to discuss once her son is born. The singer, who recently held her babyshower, also reveals she”s due December 29th.


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