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Jennifer Hudson Postpones Wedding?


Rumor has it, Jennifer Hudson has postponed her “longoverdue” wedding to fiance David Otunga. Why you may ask? Allegedly, David is unwilling to sign a prenuptial agreement.

According to BMS, David refuses to sign a pre-nup and that’s  what’s causing the hold up. The pre-nup would ensure that regardless of how the marriage turns out, J-Hud’s earnings and assets would be safe in any divorce proceedings that may arise.

However, it’s not clear what David is actually objecting to. It’s only fair that her assets prior to the marriage be protected, right? However let’s not forget, prior to his wrestling career Otunga studied law at Harvard University. Perhaps, he knows something we don’t.

What are your thoughts?

The couple, engaged since 2008, have  2 year old son together, David Jr. Let’s hope these two work it out.

(Photo: Zimbio)

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