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Amber Rose Stops By Hot 97 To Clear Up Rumors, Talk Wiz & Kanye


Amber Rose was spotted out and about New York City in the West Village earlier today, perhaps heading to Hot 97 radio station to confront radio host Rosenburg about some controversial comments he made about how she became famous.

After getting word on twitter she decided to stop by the station in person to have a sit down. You’re gonna love this interview!

Here’s a quick snippet of what Amber had to say on Wiz vs. Kanye.

To sum it all up,
1. She says she doesn’t understand the concept that Kanye made her famous, she believes her “association” with the famous rapper didn’t hurt but thinks she had something extra that made people like her.
2. She began stripping at 15 yrs. old after becoming homeless to help support her mother.
3. She is writing a book about her life and experiences.
4. The jabs Kanye throws in his songs doesn’t faze her. He may be bitter but she’s not.
5. She didn’t understand the criticism she faced with tweeting pictures from her Ghana visit. As she puts it, “Would they rather me pop bottles on a yacht in Ghana?”
6. Wiz Khalifa is her life and they’re really in love. They’re not married yet but they will get married one day and she’d die for him, would even help stomp Kanye out for him.
7. And oh, she hates the station’s fellow radio host/DJ Funk Master Flex. she says “He’s an asshole. A total d*ck. He’s an ignorant person”.

For the full interview head over to HOT 97

(Photo: Zimbio)

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