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After Delay, Troy Davis Is Executed


Wednesday night’s proceedings were nerve racking , to say the least.

Last night, America and the rest of the world watched while the U.S. Supreme Court decided the fate of Troy Anthony Davis.

The Georgia State inmate sentenced for a 7pm execution was left in limbo after the  Supreme Court placed a paused on the proceedings at the 11th hour. At approximately 6:30pm the court placed a hold on the Georgia execution to review Davis’ case after millions of people advocated on his behalf.

Davis’ lawyers sent paper work to Congress on Tuesday after the Georgia Board of Pardons denied him clemency. They argued, the core evidence used to prosecute Davis had come under questioning and leaves too much doubt to have warranted a guilty verdict, nonetheless, a death sentence.

The Supreme Court took nearly 4 hours to decide the fate of Davis. Around 10pm, at least 100 law enforcement officers were called to the prison where hundreds of supporters gathered waiting for the ultimate decision. Although, initially elated by the court’s halt on the proceedings the crowd were devasted once news broke (approximately 10:20pm) that Davis’ life would not be saved.

He was pronounced dead at 11:08pm by means of lethal injection.

In in last statement to the family of the late police officer Mark MacPhail, Davis said,

“I did not personally kill Mark MacPhail…. I did not have a gun that night…”I ask my family and friends to continue to fight this fight.”

One day earlier, Davis once again proclaimed his innocence and final thoughts in a letter to the public.


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