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‘Twilight: Breaking Dawn’ Movie Trailer (Part 1)


Oh what joy! Twilight fans are up in a frenzy for the new ‘Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn’ trailer released by Summit Entertainment Tuesday night, September 13th.

In the clip, the beautiful Bella Swan and seemingly more beautiful Edward Cullen tie the knot, which angers Jacob Black (the werewolf). We’re then taken to their perfect honeymoon where the coupe consummate the marriage (finally we get to see some action!). But where does this leave Bella? Pregnant!
Yup, she’s knocked up. Who knew a vampire could impregnate someone, hmmm?
This, of course, leaves Jacob irate to say the least. Especially when he learns the unborn child/vampire threatens her very existence. He, like the wolves clan believes the child should be destroyed, Edward agrees. But Bella is insistent on having her child. Just how does she survive this one? Guess we’ll have to wait until Part II, take a closer look below.

‘Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn’ premieres in theaters November 18th.


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