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Throw Back: Sammie: “I Like It”


It’s that time again, throwback Fridays! This segment goes to Atlanta native and recording artist, Sammie.

Born Sammie Lee Bush, Jr. on March 1, 1987, his 1999 single “I Like It” introduced us to a cute 12 yr. old kid (move over Bow Wow) bringing a new sound and a role model kids his own age could look up to.

His mother was a former professional singer that sung in a church choir, while at the time carrying him. His first public appearances with singing was at a church at the age of four, performing “Troubles Don’t Last Always.” He attended a magnet school with a special performing arts program where he formed a vocal group with two junior high kids called, “The Wonder 3”. The group then audition for Showtime at the Apollo in 1998. Austin brought Bush to Atlanta, Georgia to record several demos and was signed to Austin’s Freeworld Entertainment. And as they say, the rest is history.

Sammie eventually took some time off to focus on school and graduated High School in 2005. Unfortunately, his second album, ‘Sammie’ under Rowdy Records did not deliver commercial success and the singer eventually left the label signing with Interscope Records in March 2010.

No need to worry though, the singer, who’ve been busy working on several projects including a mixtape and an EP, is currently working on his third album, Coming of Age. The album is set to be released in the fall of 2011.

Here’s “I Like It”

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