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Man With No Healthcare Dies After Tooth Infection Spread To His Brain


An unemployed man, Kyle Williams, just 24 years old died last week from a tooth infection that eventually spread to his brain. Because Williams was not employed at the time of the infection he did not have health insurance.

According to relatives, Williams came down with a toothache two weeks ago and was told he needed to have one of his wisdom teeth removed.

But Willis – whose uncle is famed bass player Bootsy Collins – decided to tough it out because he was out of work and couldn’t afford the treatment.

Soon after, he began getting headaches and his face swelled, so he went to an emergency room. He was told an infection was in danger of spreading to his brain.

“The [doctors] gave him antibiotic and pain medication, but he couldn’t afford to pay for the antibiotic, so he chose the pain meds, which was not what he needed,” Willis’ aunt Patti Collins told WLWT-TV.

While Willis’ discomfort subsided, the infection continued to spread, causing lethal swelling in his brain.

Willis died Wednesday, Collins said.

Unfortunately he is now the latest victim of the health insurance crisis in America. A minor infection that could have been treated was left unattended. May he rest in peace.

The Cincinnati man is the nephew of, famed musician, Bootsy Collins.

(Photo/Source: Daily News)

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