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Russell Simmons Take A Stance Against Anti-Muslim Beliefs


Russell Simmons
has joined forces with the  My Fellow American project to  speak about the “I am a Muslim” day and the importance of all Americans to speak up against anti-Muslim sentiment in our country.

According to its website,

My Fellow American is an online film and social media project that calls upon concerned Americans to pledge and spread a message that Muslims are our fellow Americans. It asks people of other backgrounds to pledge, and share a real life story about a Muslim friend, neighbor, or colleague that they admire. Using the power of social media, My Fellow American seeks to change the narrative – from Muslims as the other, to Muslims as our fellow Americans.

Unfortunately, because many Americans have never met an American Muslim we are forced to believe the negative stereotypes portrayed in the media.

“American Muslims are so often vilified as “the other” that it is possible not to recognize that most were born in the U.S. Or that those who immigrated here came seeking the same freedoms and opportunities that have always attracted people to America.’

Like Simmons, fellow Americans are coming together to create peace through the media. The Unity Production Foundation produces documentary films and implements long-term educational campaigns aimed at increasing understanding between people of different faiths and cultures, especially between Muslims and other faiths.
To find out more about the project and what you can do to aid in this campaign, please visit My Fellow American.

A Message From Russell

(photo: Russell Simmons Twitcon)


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