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Link Love: Cassie Gets Boob Job, Fantasia On Bed Rest & More…


Did I miss something? When did Cassie get implants? Get the full details below. And while your at it, check out my fellow bloggers and see what they’ve reported on this week.

Cassie Gets Breasts Implants (Photos)- Look Bitch Blog

90’s Dancehall Sensation Patra Steps Out In New York- Necole Bitchie

Fantasia On Bed Rest!!! Complications With Pregnancy…- Mrsgrapevine

Lil Wayne After Party Mysteriously Pepper Sprayed- Journalicious

Is Nivea Cosmetics Against The “Natural” African American Look?- Naybesa

Katy Perry Breaks A Michael Jackson Record- Noir Gossip

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  • jessica

    thats the bra…those arent fake,she has one of those victoria secrets add two sizes bras on, trust me, i wear em lol

  • Well, maybe I should get one because it works wonders! Lol