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Fantasia Announces She Is Pregnant!


Over the weekend and during a youth charity event in Jacksonville, Florida Fantasia announced that she was in fact expecting. The 27 year old had the rumors mills buzzing during a recent Barbados get away with boyfriend Antwaun Cook when she debuted a noticeably rounder mid section.
She says,

You are the first person that I share this news with. And I share this with you because I can relate to you. For a while, I walked around figuring out, ‘what will they say? what will they think about me?’ But now I tell you I don’t live my life for folk, so this child that I carry…God has given me this child, and I don’t have to hide it from none of y’all.

If you remember, Cook is the married man she allegedly had an affair with before his separation from his wife. Not long after, Mrs. Paula Cook took the singer to court for the desolation of her marriage. She claimed Fantasia willingly participated in the affair the eventfully led to the end of her marriage to Mr. Cook. However, a judge dismiss the case after further investigation and no evidence to support Mrs. Cook’s claims. The judge ruled that according to the evidence Fantasia did not willingly participate in an affair and to the best of her knowledge Antwan was indeed separated.
This is also the man she nearly took her life for after the drama surrounding her personal life was too much to bear nearly one year ago. During that time, it was also revealed the singer was pregnant for her lover even then but decided to abort the unborn child.

Although it is a rather messy situation and many critics are condemning the singer I will only say this, no one but the parties involved truly the real story behind what’s been said and printed. I wish Fantasia all the best and hope this isn’t something she’ll regret in the future. Best wishes!

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