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Do You Love Jay Z & Kanye West’s “Otis”?


I sometimes think when an artist reaches super star status and has acquired a devoted fan base anything they create becomes gold. I wonder if this is true for Jay Z and Kanye West’s newest collaboration, “Otis”, the first single off highly anticipated collaborative album, ‘Watch The Throne’.

I’ve listened to this record several times,not necessarily by choice since radio stations had the single on repeat none stop last night, but my question is, is it great?! Good, yes, but great? Is it “throne” worthy? This album is said to separate Kanye and Jay from rest, right? Not that they need it. But this album is expected to further confirm why they’re so great, “the Kings of Hip-Hop”, but with the release of “Otis” some may wonder.

Many fans around the world are already solidifying the record as a breakthrough in Hip-Hop and genius, but I wonder, is it because of the artists and their caliber of success or is it simply true? You decided. Let’s take a listen again, here’s “Otis”, sound off!

Image source: Real Talk NY


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