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[New Music] Cassie: “What I Do”


I do recall hearing that Cassie, the model turned singer turned model turned singer again, was working on a new album, not yet titled, and now here we have a new single released just today from the beauty. Not sure if this single was leaked or released by Cassie’s camp themselves but nonetheless the song is called “What I Do”. It reminds me of bit of Janet’s 1986 ‘Control’ sound.

To my surprise, the song is very catchy and a bit different, although done before, from what’s currently on the radio. Needless to say, I like it!

Here’s “What I Do”,

Diddy had to get on there some how huh? “Bad boy baby”, Lol. Well, since Cassie is his rumored girlfriend, I guess it would make sense for him to be her muse at the moment. What are your thoughts?

Source: Toyas World

Image Source: Cassie’s Twitter


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  • Well, my thoughts are:
    So I’d appreciate if you delete this post or at least change the title.

  • No need to be so fiesty! It sounds like Cassie to me, send me the name of the person who actually sings the song so I can make an update, thanks!