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Monica Tweets On Lil’ Kim Being Dropped From Her Song


Monica took to her twitter earlier today to express how displeased she is about some recent events. It seems, rapper Lil’ Kim has been taken off Monica’s latest single “Anything (To Find You)” also featuring Rick Ross. The issue seems to be a licensing dispute with the late Notorious B.I.G’s mother Voletta Wallace. The single samples her son’s 1995 controversial record “Who Shot Ya?” and Ms. Wallace, who has the rights to his music, is pulling all the strings.

Monica, still basking from her second wedding ceremony with husband Shannon Brown, wrote:

It is no secret that Mama Wallace and Kim have had their issues in the past, most notable their dispute of the portrayal of Kim in the 2009 film ‘Notorious’, which depicted Biggie’s life. The ladies couldn’t come to an agreement on “the truth” about the details of B.I.G’s life and the relationship he and Kim had. Kim, in turn, pulled the strings on the use of her music for the film. Unfortunately it seems karma has caught up with the rapper. Or could Ms. Wallace be a bit spiteful?

Very petty and small if you ask me. The record is a smash and now this! What are your thoughts?


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