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The Numbers Are In: Beyonce Still #1 & Lloyd’s First Week Album Sales


Beyonce‘s ‘4’ album still reigns as the #1 album for its second consecutive week. Although the album received mediocre reviews and ave her her lowest first week album sales, queen Bey ain’t worried bout ya’ll! She’s just fine, thank you very much! The album raked in another 111,464 in sales, that’s better than most artists’ can sell in their first week. The legend in the making proves her empire is secure and even with little promotion statewide she is one of the best female artists of our time. Congrats.

As for Lloyd….hmmm…his charm, good looks and smooth R&B couldn’t help his album sales.

Unfortunately, the album, ‘King of Hearts’, is his least selling album to date with a mere 25,374 in its first week. It did , however, make it in the #9 slot right above Big Sean’s ‘Finally Famous: The album’ selling another 24,974 copies in its second week to round out the Billboard 200 top 10. Maybe next time……but I won’t hold my breath.


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  • SimpliMe

    Hmmm, didn’t see that one coming with this latest Beyonce cd. It really isn’t all that good. I think its her worst ever.