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Meet The Man Behind Mediatakeout.com!


Hey guys, meet Fred!

Fred’s the guy behind mediatakeout.com. I was so intrigued when I discovered he’d actually done an interview. Fred rarely does interviews! Why perhaps? Maybe because he (his site) is one of the most hated. It is also the most visited urban gossip blog on the web, go figure.

Theurbandaily.com had the privilege of getting to know the man behind the blog. He dishes on starting his infamous website, whether he actually receive tips from credible news sources, and celebrities leaking their own stories. A must read! Check it out.

Mediatakeout.com was founded in 2006 by Fred, a corporate lawyer more familiar with Wall Street than journalism. After finding financial success in an online laundry service, he decided to venture into the same business he had once promoted his product on–blogs! Very little blogs existed at the time, explains Fred, none of which focused on gossip–many were personal testaments of one’s life, day and or desires.

As for MediaTakeout.com’s exclusive sources (he does not name, names)–they aren’t as classified as you would think–they are your favorite artists attempting to create a buzz around perishing careers, anonymous spectators and or the close individuals your beloved celebrity trusts. When asked does he sometimes fear for his life? answers “No.” He admits to having a good relationship with most artists and openly invites anyone in the industry with “good” information to come forward, he will post it and your secret is safe with him!

Here’s what else he had to say,


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  • I appreciate MT for starting it all. But you have to be careful because it’s really easy to get a virus from the website.

  • Yes, I know! I’m always wary when I go to the site. Some of the news is like what your computer catches, PARASITES! LOL