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Beyonce Performs New Single ‘1+1’ On ‘American Idol’


Last night Beyonce graced the stage of ‘American Idol’ toperform never before heard new single ‘1+1’. Although the stans would stay its epic I was a bit disappointed. Listen for yourselves.

 Beyonce is a great artist with many accomplishments under her belt. She inspires other artists with her drive, talent and work ethic but as much as I try I can’t be a fan. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t dislike her either but it’s fair to say not everything she does is ground breaking. I’ll gladly give her and any other artists their props but she oversang this song as she has done in the past. Sometimes less is indeed more.

Not quite a fan, certainly not a stan but a great artist nonetheless. So far ‘4’ is not sounding like such a great album. Lets see what else she’ll have in store.


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