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So Paula Abdul Will Be Third Judge On ‘X Factor’


Well, what do you know. Simon Cowell has enlisted former co-host and judge, of ‘American Idol’ , Paula Abdul on new show ‘X Factor’. As many of you may recall, Abdul departed from Idol after producers failed to meet her commands for a higher salary. Not long after, the show’s creator Simon Cowell left as well to pursue other ventures including bringing ‘X Factor’ to America. Cowell has stated in the past that the show is less restricted than it’s American counterpart and there will be no age limit.

A little tid bit: ‘ X Factor’ is actually the original and UK version of ‘American Idol’.

I know Randy and Ryan are a bit pissed right now, I know I would be. Cowell and Abdul will surely bring the ratings. The duo always seem to bud heads at the judging table.

I still wonder what Paula use to sip on in that cup of hers. Slurring all her words and everything. Didn’t always know what she said but it was entertaining to watch to say the least.


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