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The Breaskfast Club Jokes About Esther Baxter & Joe Budden Twitter Beef


I haven’t followed this these two much so I wasn’t very aware of their relationship. Apparently, Esther Baxter and Joe Budden on/off relationship for about the past year, took a turn for the worst yesterday when the two exchanged some not so wise words on twitter.

Budden, whose infamous for dating video vixens, released a new single via twitter, “Ordinary Love Sh*t Part 3”, making allegations Baxter cheated with another man, aborted two pregnancies and well you get the idea.

Baxter then responded with allegations Budden was abusive and killed their child and that she never had an abortion. She never did address the cheating rumors though.

Night I add, Budden’s previous relationships with models Tahiry, Somaya Reece and now Baxter have all ended badly with each lady accusing the rapper of being abusive. Budden is also known to hear out the details of his relationship once they’ve gone sore.

Listen to Budden’s ‘OLSP3’ HERE!!

Here’s what Power 105.1 ‘The Breakfast Club’ had to say.

Go check out their twitter profiles, the deets are still there, Lol. It’s @esther_baxter and @joebudden.


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