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Nick & Mariah Reveals Baby Names


The highly anticipated release of Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon’s baby names are finally here. And… I’m a bit disappointed, to say the least. Celebs are known for searching for unique and different names but can these kids just have normals name already?!

Well get this, the couple have named their daughter Monroe Cannon and son Moroccan Scott Cannon. Well, I guess it could have been worse, like Bronx, Brooklyn and Apple.

The Cannons do have their reasons for the name choices though. Their daughter was named after Carey’s idol Marilyn Monroe and son after the location where Cannon proposed, and it wasn’t in Morocco! Nick proposed in Carey’s lavished NYC apartment in a room she calls the Moroccon Room, hmmm…. okaayyy then.

The couple have opted out of giving their daughter  a middle name since Mariah doesn’t have one herself. As for their son, Scott is also Nick’s middle name and his grandmother’s maiden name.

Hmmm… not a fan of the names but congrats to Nick and Mariah on their little bundles of joy.

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