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Celebrity Letter: Donald Trump


Dear Mr. Trump,

You’re an asshole! Why don’t you worry about more important issues than irritating our President. Quite frankly, questioning the President’s nationality is an insult! In the history of the United States never before has a President been asked to provide his birth certificate for proof on where he’d been born after taking office. Obama’s decision to release such information proves his humility.  I, for one, wouldn’t have entertained your ignorance. I probably would have just flipped you the bird! Who died and made you God? How soon do you forget your fraudulent past, business practices and history as a womanizer, resulting in the birth of an illegitimate child while still married to then wife Ivana Trump? How soon you forget.

May I reiterate, you’re an asshole! And, to top it all off, you have the nerve (the nerve!) to actually take credit for forcing the release of the President’s birth certificate. Are you serious, delusional, or seriously delusional? How about we get to the bottom of that lace front. The same one you like to comb over that protruding bald spot! Where the hell did you get that from? And can you please return it?

Donald Trump, you’ve been branded the gate keeper of  the asshole clan! Let us know when you’ve fallen off your high horse.


Your Right Brain


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  • im about 20, at university and having a blast! I study biology and when I’m not bored with school im usually out surfing and following my best celebrity Nicki Minaj!