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VH1 Rep Denies Amber Rose Reality Show


Well isn’t this some unfortunate news. Amber Rose recently held a press conference with Vibe in which she discusses her upcoming reality show with VH1 ‘Behind Her Shades’, developing her own line of vintage sunglasses, a jewelry line and writing a book. However, according to sources over at MTV a VH1 rep has denied reports that Rose will be getting her own show.

She says, “Well, I also have a reality show that’s gonna come out on VH1 and start filming early June, so that’s gonna be incorporated in the show. The shop isn’t up right now. You’ll see the process that I have to go through in order to get — it’s not really easy to get a store and get people to come….but it’ll go through. My show is going to be an open book of my life and my family and my businesses and its called “Behind Her Shades,” because usually I have shades on and its everything behind them that people don’t know about. But they will learn, and part of that is my shade shop. It’s all vintage frames.”

She also went on to say, “[I’m also] writing a book, it’ll be an inspirational book. A lot of people don’t know about my life. The people that do…a lot of young girls can relate to the things I’ve been through in my past and how I grew up. Also, lip gloss, my own shade line. My store will be all vintage frames but I’m also going to have my own shade line. Do collaborations with designers, it’s endless. I’m gonna do stuff all over the world. Also jewelry, diamonds, bracelets, earrings, accessories, you know. All girl stuff mostly.”

Sounds great Amber….. well until the VH1 rep denied reports that VH1 giving Amber the green light for a reality show. It is neither here nor there. I believe whether she’s Kanye’s ex or not, Amber has the right appeal to kick off her own show. She has beauty, sex appeal, a rough childhood, a wild past and a history for dating rappers. Hey, all the ingredients for a great show! If VH1 doesn’t pick this show up I’m sure some one will.

Sources suggests Amber has only filmed a pilot she’s currently shopping around in hopes of getting it picked up.

In other news, here’s a footage of Amber’s recent stay in Barbados CLICK HERE!

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