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It’s Earth Day 2011!


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Well folks if it wasn’t for twitter I probably wouldn’t have remembered that today is Earth Day! Sorry.

And since I have been reminded, this is something I think we all should be more concerned with. With all the earthquakes, global warming, and an obvious shift in weather as of late, I’m probably like the rest of you thinking the world is coming to an end! Superstitious much?

It’s obvious something has to be done. Maybe, just maybe, we can delay another catastrophic event by showing mother nature some tender love and care, *shrugs*.

But on a more serious note, there are a number of things you can do to help. From starting your very own Earth Day event in your community, participating in an Earth Day event nearest to you and/or making a donation to the cause, if everyone did just a little bit we’d get very far. Whatever you decide to do just remember to do something!

Make your donation today, DONATE!

For more info please go to the Earth Day Organization.


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