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Fight During National McDonald’s Hiring Day Event


Is this some kind of sick joke?! In some unfortunate news, during a Cleveland National McDonald’s Hiring Day Event, yesterday, a fight broke out between job seekers. McDonald’s had the idea that they would help close the unemployment gap by inviting applicants to fill 50,000 position in one day. Well, that seemed great until the applicants decided to have a brawl.

According to onlookers, the fight broke out when two women got out of a Nissan Infiniti in the restaurant’s parking lot began arguing with another group of women waiting in line to apply for jobs. Upon fleeing the scene, the driver of the vehicle, realizing she could not drive forward, reversed her car hitting three adults and a 17 year old girl. Fortunately the victims were listed in stable condition when taken to a near by hospital.

Although a 22 year passenger from the vehicle was arrested, the driver fled on foot. Officers are currently investigating the incident and participants responsible.

I guess they won’t be getting the job. Sad.


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