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Kimora Lee Simmons Lends Hand To Japanese Relief


Former fashion model turned businesswoman Kimora Lee Simmons spoke with CNN recently about her efforts to aide the Japanese people through their difficult time. Following the devastating earthquake and tsunami that took the lives of roughly ten thousand people three weeks ago, Simmons, whose own mother is Japanese, speaks on her own efforts and what we all can do to help.

On How The Earthquake Devastation Has Affected Her
I think that my heart absolutely goes out and I think that every, maybe me personally, I probably don’t do so well with national disaster issues like that. It’s very sad and I feel like its groups of people that are instantly gone. I feel like that’s very devastating. But also when I see this overall, I’m a person, I’m part of the human community. It’s not about being Asian American or the fact that my mom is Japanese. I feel that it’s more about the suffering of every body, people in general, everyday it’s something like this and you can look at earthquakes and other disasters and, I don’t know, it’s been very tough. And I feel like as a community of entertainers, designers and the fashion community a lot of people are coming together to do a lot of things in terms of sales and proceeds and raising a lot of money and I’ve donated and so many of my friends have as well. I think it’s just do what you can. Everybody at home can’t send over a million dollars but if you have it and you can, if you have twenty five cents they need it.


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