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Wiz Khalifa & Amber Rose Speaks With MTV’s RapFix On Their Relationship


Amber Rose joined boyfriend and rapper Wiz Khalifa during his MTV RapFix interview to discuss what made them connect and not hiding their relationship. While most of the interview focuses on Wiz’s debut album, ‘Rolling Papers’, his influences such as Snoop Snoog and how he became the Wiz we all know today, things got interesting when Ms. Rose made her appearance. Really kind of cute.

Wiz On Why He Doesn’t Hide His Relationship With Amber
I’m me, that’s what it is. I’m completely comfortable with everything about me in my life. That’s what my career has been built off of…everybody gets that right away. You don’t gotta find nothing about me. I’m not going to hide it, I’m going to completely embrace it … I just go after what I feel and I have no problem with being public or just letting people know what’s going on with me, for Real, for real.

Wiz On How He Deals With Backlash
We just stay positive with each other, that’s the important thing. The game will try to tear you down and try to make you feel like what you have already isn’t enough. So as long as we stay positive …we just met each other, we’re really new but we’re very, very close. We understand each other’s life and stuff like that…what we’ve been through. Understanding is really, really important.

Amber On What She Thought of Wiz When She First Met Him
Well, he’s really funny, he’s really charming and I didn’t know much about his music at first but obviously, he became a good friend. I started listening to his music and we became really close and he’s just awesome. He’s talented, he’s amazing.

Source: Necole Bitchie

(Kudos To Necole On This Post. Loving these two together)


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