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Tyrese Covers Jet Magazine, Speaks New Book & New Album


Tyrese the singer is officially on a comeback trail.

Tyrese the actor, it seems, took over a bit and shelved the artist a while back. In fact, the star has tweeted in the past that music no longer generates a lot of cash the way it use to and he’s had to look to other ventures to expand his brand.

The 32 year old star not only has a new album in the works but you can now add writer to that long list of accomplishments. In early April, his first book, How to Get Out of Your Own Way will officially hit bookstores. He co-stars in two films this summer, Fast Five, a third installment of the Transformers franchise and his long awaited album ‘Open Invitation’ will finally be released this summer.

Here’s what Mr. Gibson had to say to a Jet correspondent on what’s kept him motivated and still successful in the business.

On how he stays hungry:

“I live my life by these words: ‘You can’t get points today for yesterday’s game.’ You won MVP last week, OK, get over it. It’s like, there’s another level to this thing and people like Will Smith and Denzel and Rev Run and … and like I got a few billion-dollar friends and multi-billion friends … these people have really messed up from showing me this life and lifestyle because I know that there’s a-whole-nother level of playing field out there that I can get to. Now, people get complacent – and I know if you leave this in there, it’s just gonna shake people up – people stop being inspired when they have more than all of their friends. If you do that, then you lose your motivation, because you the highest dude on your playing field. Like, amongst all of my people, I got the most. And if you’re able to say that and feel that, then you could probably get complacent and lose focus on trying to get to the next level, because you have more than all of your friends and family. But I purposely stopped myself from being on that trip.”

For More Head Over To: Jet Magazine


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