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Chris Brown & Rihanna Will Reunite For ABC Interview?


According to PopEater.com, Chris Brown and Rihanna may reunite for an ABC sit down with Robin Roberts.

Just three days after Chris Brown‘s notorious window-smashing blowup at ABC’s ‘Good Morning America,’ the network reportedly wants to book him for a sit-down interview together with ex-girlfriend Rihanna.

In a surprising twist of events, a source close to ABC News told E! the network wants to “milk this event for everything it’s worth,” adding, “It’s all about the ratings…at all other costs.”

The former exes are now able to attend the same events and be in the same room together since Rihanna’s restraining order against Brown was lifted earlier this year. The restraining order stems from Brown’s assault on the Barbadian beauty two years ago. The same assault that was brought up and upset Brown during his ABC  interview with Robin Roberts last Tuesday.

I’m no genius but something tells me this reunion won’t be happening any time soon.

What do you think, would a reunion between the two be a good idea?


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