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Chris Brown Loses Control After GMA Interview


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Chris Brown visited the set of Good Morning America this morning to discuss his latest album F.A.M.E (Forgiving All My Enemies/Fans Are My Everything) with host Robin Roberts.

Things took a wrong turn after Roberts asked several questions pertaining to the beating of ex-girlfriend Rihanna two years ago and the restraining order that was recently lifted. Although an agitated Brown made it through the interview to perform hit “Yeah 3x” he clearly only wanted to discuss his album and not the events of 2 years ago.

Things got really disturbing following Brown’s performance and return to his dressing room. According to reports, Brown smashed the dressing room window of the ABC studio, had a stare down with a producer and stormed out shirtless.

Following his outburst Brown tweeted about his feelings toward the media and being treated unfairly. His tweets has since been removed.

Roberts, on the other hand, says she was rooting for the guy and insisted she and producers asked Brown prior to the interview if questions about Rihanna could be asked and got the green light.

My advice to Chris, grow up be a man, and not get flustered every time questions pertaining to the incident are asked. It’s a delicate situation that continuously will hit a nerve but one that you may never be able to live down. Accept it and move on. All you’ve done is proved your naysayers right! They want to see you fail and young man you’ve given them an inch.

And, please seek anger management classes. All the best…..


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