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Solange Knowles Brings Awareness To Music For RAIN (#MusicForRAIN)


Solange Knowles is the latest celebrity to put their voice towards a good cause. The singer recently recorded the song “Kenya” along with Twin Shadow and CANT in hopes of bringing more awareness on the millions of Africans with little to no access to safe drinking water.

More About The Cause

300 million Africans lack access to safe drinking water. Half of Africa’s population suffers from diseases related to unsafe drinking water and poor sanitation and by 2014 the number of Africans without access to water will increase by 47 million.

Music for RAIN is the music community’s response to this call. Chris Taylor, Solange Knowles, Twin Shadow and director Natalie Johns came together to create “Kenya”, a donate to download track for RAIN. The Coca Cola Africa Foundation’s Replenish Africa Initiative (RAIN) brings together business, local government, NGO’s and committed individuals to tackle the problem of access to water and sanitation in Africa. All proceeds from “Kenya”, will be used to provide clean water and sanitation resources to Africa’s most needy. Whether that’s providing loos in Rwanda, rain harvesting roofs in Uganda or carrying containers in the Cameroon.”

Knowles and The Coca Cola Africa Foundation hope t0 raise $10,000. The proceeds will help to bring clean water and sanitation to countries like Kenya,  Rwanda, Uganda and Cameroon.

Find out more about the organization and make your DONATION!

Check out the making of “Kenya”– Music For RAIN (#MusicForRain) HERE.


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