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Did Chris Brown Hang Up On Radio Host?


During a recent interview with a DJ over at 99 Jamz in South Florida, it appears, Chris Brown may have hung up after she inquired about his leaked nude photos.
The interview went relatively well. The singer answered questions about his new blond look, new album, recent art work and even thanked his fans in Florida for all the support over the years.

When asked, “You know Chris I wasn’t gonna let you get off the phone that easy, what’s up with those pictures that hit the net? The girls are talking!”
Chris’ responses, “Hahahaha…….phone goes dead?”
DJ: Hello? Wow, well thanks for calling. Ladies and gentlemen that was Chris Brown on the phone. Wow, did he just hang up on me?”

Take a listen.

Well, maybe the phone got disconnected………. thoughts anyone?

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