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5 Ways To Spice Up Your Valentine’s Day


Author: Bagande

Whether you are single or attached, you can still make this Valentine’s Day a little more memorable? Here are 5 things to help put a boost in your romance.

1 . Single? Now is the time to finally reveal your feelings to your crush. You don’t have to go another year without a Valentine. Write an anonymous letter letting your crush know where to meet so you can finally reveal yourself. Invite them to a romantic dinner.

2. Married/Attached? Why not take a bath together. Natural herbs and scented aromas are always great for getting in the mood. Scented oils are also good for giving massages. And while you’re at it, why not feed each other sweet treats.

3. Call your spouse/significant other and engaged in a little role play. Who’ll be naughty and who’ll be nice hmmm…?

4. Leave little notes for your love to find through out the day. Remind them of how you felt when you first met, your first kiss/date, what makes them so special and how they make you feel.

5. Wanna make it a night out? A romantic dinner and a movie is always pleasant. A walk in the park or even a romantic carriage ride can be the beginning of a night filled with possibilities.

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone, enjoy!


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