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Tamera Mowry Visits The Wendy Show


During a commercial break, Tamera and Wendy took the above photo together, Wendy (@wendyshow) tweeted, “With @TameraMowryTwo during the break. Congrats on your engagement. Luv when u come on the show. Xox http://plixi.com/p/74506219

Tamera On Her Ring

“He did very well and he did this all himself.”

From An audience question the day before Wendy asks if  she [Tamera] and her fiance went ring shopping together.

Tamera: “Well we went ring shopping but he didn’t get what I wanted he gt something better. Yes, and the first thing I said when we got engaged I was like OHHH Oh my gosh it’s nothing that we looked at oh my I love it!”

Tamera On Her Fiance (Adam Housley)

He’s very humble and they [his family] came from nothing that’s why I love him cause he came from nothing has a humble heart and worked hard.

On Rumors Her Family Disapproves of Her Fiance

We have to talk about these rumors though about Adam and I. Because it’s so not true. There were rumors that I was engaged before, EHHH, wrong. And then, my family didn’t like him. That’s so not true. I don’t know who made these rumors up about my family didn’t like him. I guess that’s my fault for being so private cause people make up stuff cause Tia and I are so positive so they create drama.

They love him my brother is the groomsman. He went to my parents and asked for permission. He did it the right way.

On What’s Special About Her Wedding

“Ah we’re gonna have a taco truck that’s what’s gonna be special, Lol.”

On Her Dress

I am not gonna pay $10,000 for a wedding dress, I’m sorry. This is a wedding I’m focused on my marriage.

Their wedding will be held on May 15th by the way. Congratulations Tamera!

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