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Jamie Foxx On Jimmy Kimmel (Hilarious)


The very funny Jamie Foxx recently visited ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’ to discuss recent projects,why he won’t date white girls for the month of February, how he got back into music  a new album and to be the funny comedian we all love. Watch below.

On Not Dating White Women During Black History Month
A lot of white girls they like to go out with me but I said listen for 28 days I can’t. No white girls for 28 days. I gotta schedule them in March which is Saint Patrick’s Day then its cool.

On Not Keeping His Oscar Trophy With Him
“I don’t keep the Oscar with me. I have a lot of friends that don’t have social security numbers.”

How He Got Back Into Music
“So I’m throwing this party and the way I got back, this kid walked in with a backpack on and his jaw was a little messed up. (Turns and asks the audience “Who am I talking about?”. Unbeknown to him it was Kanye West). So Kanye West comes to my crib and says I got this song for you called “Slow Jamz”. I say well I have a studio in the back but first I gotta hear you rap. He rapped and I said oh my God you’re the most incredible cat I ever heard. So we go in the back and he says, so the song go “she say she wants some Marvin Gaye some Luther Vandross…” so I said I got it [starts singing] and I’m doing all this R&B stuff and he’s like what the hell are you doing bro? And I said I’m tryna put the R&B sauce on it. He said don’t put sauce on it just sing it regular [he re-sings the song]. So after I sung it I said this song ain’t gonna make it. It don’t got no sauce on it, no sauce. And so I left and I did a bad movie [laughs]. I came back after my career was on life support and when I got back I went to Miami and they said you know that song you fronted on? It’s number 1 right now. So “Slow Jamz” went number 1 with Twista and then we went from that to…[starts singing “Gold Digger”]. So from that that’s how I got back into music.

His Mo’Nique impersonation is so right on! Look for it at the 10:54 mark! Hilarious.


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