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Celebrity Letter: Dear Halle Berry


Dear Halle Berry,

Miss Halle there is not a doubt that we all love you! You are undoubtedly one of the most beautiful women in the world. Not only are you beautiful but you are talented with an adorable little girl Nahla! We applaud your success and your Academy Award win in 2001. And let’s not forget your charity work with victims of domestic violence.

But we also have to admit something ain’t right! When it comes to matters of the heart Miss Halle this may be your kryptonite! Your recent custody battle with former partner Gabriel Aubry has just gotten even uglier, with accusations being thrown from both sides, he’s called you crazy and you’ve fired back by calling him an unfit parent! It is unfortunate that is has come to this for you too. We really wish you both well and that little Nahla is ultimately the focus of this custody battle and will not be emotional scared by big egos and her parents’ unwillingness to compromise. With that said Halle we do think you’re crazy!

The demise of your first marriage with Baseball player David Justice left you so distraught you nearly attempted suicide and we all sympathized with you dearly! Your second marriage with singer Eric Bonet again ended with a very public divorce after you discovered he had committed adultery and admitted to sex addiction. Again, we sympathized with you and desperately wanted for you to find love again.

Although you vowed to never marry again, in 2005 you met and became involved with model Gabriel Aubry and at last we thought yes here’s the one! You were happy and we were happy for you! And in 2008 your dreams of becoming a mother had finally com true! Again, we were all happy for you.

Unfortunately this was not meant for happily ever after and in 2010 you and Aubry separated. The separation seemed to have been amicable and you both intended to co-parent your beautiful little girl. And now, things aren’t so amicable after all. He’d like to share custody and you’d like sole custody.

We agree you’ve been through a great deal in your personal life but we can’t help but wonder what’s wrong with you? Eric Bonet was a loser for what he’d done yes! But Halle why can’t you keep a man? Any man for that matter? Wouldn’t it be fair to allow your daughter to have a relationship with her father? The relationship you never had? Perhaps the link to your issues with men?

Could it be you play a bigger role in your own problems than you led on in the past? Halle Barry you’ve been fined, a woman scorned! Do us all a favor, let it go! The man deserves to be apart of his child’s life! It may even do you some good to find peace and happiness. Maybe even the right man this time.


Your Concerned Fans

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