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[New Music]:Cocoa Bella “Triple Threat Tragedy”


Introducing Cocoa Bella, of Cool Cruel World, this young lady intends to break down industry misconceptions of what a female artist should be. Be it singer, rapper, emcee Cocoa does it all. She best describes her sound as eclectic, soulful, dance/techno-influenced goodness with a splash of hip-hop.

Her latest single, “Triple Threat Tragedy”, is “pretty, witty, girly, whirly with an arrogant twist is what best describes it”, says Cocoa. The single will be featured on upcoming Mixtape entitled, “ROCK IT”.

She also wants people to know, “really, this is a fun, hard-edged, party song that boasts the trials of a cocky young NYC female… I’m sure a lot of girls can relate to the lyrics. You can definitely expect music similar to this on my mixtape, but of course I’ll explore other themes. I want my music to focus on the lighter side of life: love, partying, dancing, pretty clothes… Just fabulous stuff!”

Check it out.


The anticipated mixtape is set to drop March 1st with guest-appearances by 40oz Van and Great Scott.


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  • WOW!!! COOL CRUEL WORLD has been on my BlogRoll for quite some time, butt; had not visited her spot in a while. I’ll have to check back in. Glad this is the radio-friendly version.

  • Yes, we connected a while back when my site was still on blogger. Haven’t check out the site in a while also but I’m glad to see she’s chasing her dreams. I support anyone trying to do the dang thing. Congrats to her. Lol

  • Awwwwww, ur amazing! My assistant just sent me this link you emailed the other day. I am truly humbled by the love I’ve been receiving, it’s awesome! We all really have the opportunity to come out here and make a splash, so why wait? :)

    I’m really excited about the music, and I definitely hope to have you as one of our coveted guests on February 1st. Thanks again for the love <3