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Keyshia Cole Part Ways With Longtime Manager


A few days ago R & B singer Keyshia Cole announced via twitter that she has part ways with her long time manager Manny Halley. If you all remember, Manny made many appearances in Keyshia’s reality show ‘The Way It Is’. Here’s what the singer tweeted,

“Would like for u guys to know tht Manny Halley is no longer my management.”

“Someone said if the people around u won’t change, change the people around you.”

“If you always do what you always did. You’ll always get wht you always got….. Stop being afraid. Its ok to change for the better. Trust me”

The singer also took to her facebook page to say,

As I tweeted yesterday I just ended my long term business relationship with Manny Halley. Manny and I were friends and business associates for a number of years and he helped me to advance my career in so many ways. Unfortunately, there were some recent business decisions that were not pleasing to me and I have decided to move on.

Owch! So sorry to hear that. Thought they actually made a great team. Keyshia has since replaced Halley with Interscopes Ashley Fox, where she oversees all aspects of urban marketing. Fox also headed the marketing campaign for Keyshia’s latest album ‘Calling All Hearts’.

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