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Montel Williams Busted At Airport For Drug Possession

Montel Williams at the premiere of War, Inc. a...

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Former talk show host Montel Williams, 54, was arrested Tuesday at Mitchell International Airport  for carrying a pipe, one believed to be used while smoking marijuana. The  Sheriff’s Department says Williams was cited for possession of drug paraphernalia after being caught with the pipe by TSA going through a security checkpoint.

Williams paid the $484 fine and was released without incident.

If you recall, in 1999 Williams was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis and has since advocated for the legalization of marijuana for medical use. He has even admitted in the past that  he uses the drug to ease the pain and effects of his condition.

Visit the Montel Williams MS Foundation here.

Poor Montel, clearly he’s trying an alternative method of treatment for his condition. Do you think he should have been arrested? Why or why not?


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