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10 Changes You Should Make For The New Year


1. Stop telling everyone this is gonna be your year, you said that last year and the year before that and still nothing!

2. Retire the word “hater”. Haters need love too, that’s why they hate. Instead let’s pray all the haters get over whatever pain they’re still carrying around. Besides where would you be without a hater. They’re your own personal “stan” collection.

3. Please please please stop giving your children getto azz names. If I hear another Qwantayshia, Destinaysia, Fantaysia, Lexxus and Mercedes I’ll personally travel to where you are just to kick your ass! 18 years from now your baby will be another statistic!

4. Stop Facebook, Twitter, Myspace stalking. How about “get a life”! It’s the fastest way to end your relationship. If you even have one.

5. And if you “poke” me one more time! Again, operation get a life. If you have enough time to go around poking people there’s one reason you’re still single!

6. How about stop lying to yourselves! Using Facebook, twitter, Myspace, Tumblr, Digg as a means to appear smarter, prettier, sexier, richer is lame! Operation get a life! Admit it, you’re struggling like the rest of us. C’MON SON!!!!!!! Oh and by the way you’re not a philosopher, enough with the quotes!

7. For all those signing up for gym memberships January 1st, do me a favor, save your money. You’ll be back to eating cheeseburgers and fries by February. It doesn’t take a new year to stay in shape!

8. Ok, so I’m sorry to be the bearer of bad news but everyone can’t be a singer/rapper/actor/model etc. If you’ve been pursuing Hollywood for at least 5 years and you haven’t come close to “making it”, chances are………………………. *kanye shrug*

9. If you’re still calling the guy/girl you’ve been dying to get with and they didn’t pick up last year, chances are……..drum roll please……..they will NOT pick up for the new year!

10.  If you’re still accepting food stamps, don’t wanna work, got too many kids, living with your momma, standing on the corner, can’t put two sentences together, crust in your eye, lips all ashy…………..C’MON SON!!!!!!!!!! Operation you need a do over in life!

Well, there you have it, courtesy of CottenKandi.com. Don’t thank me all at once now.  Oh and Happy Freakin’ New Year!!!!!


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  • I also find it hard to understand why some people give such names to their kids. Ufff!