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Conversation Piece: “It Was Love At First Sight”


It was about 8:42am and I was running late, as usual, to my dead end 9-5 job. I worked for a small event planning firm in midtown Manhattan. It was the middle of November and the morning chill, typical of an Autumn day, relaxed my nerves a bit. For some reason I felt indifferent. Usually by now I was frantic, watching time pass on the $20 watch I purchased from a street vendor. The way I saw it, when I got there is when I got there. After all, it was typical of everyone in the 5 person department where I worked to be late. They’re always late; as am I. No one would even notice my entrance into the building. The commute on the packed train, unbeknown to me, would be a day I’d never forget.

To say it was love at first sight would be cliche, but it was love at first sight. I had never felt like THIS before, not for a complete stranger. He sat to my left, two rows down, opposite me, facing the train’s exit. He hadn’t noticed me at first. The moment he walked through the double doors his 6 “2” frame, broad shoulders, neatly cropped hair, fitted dark denim and black button down shirt grabbed my attention. His dark caramel skin glowed in the dim morning haze. As if he knew someone was watching he turned to his right; my left, and our eyes met simultaneously.

My heart accelerated, my mind raced and my palms perspired. I’d never felt like this before, for anyone. It didn’t take long before I realized, I had fallen in love.

Walking over slowly, in this matter of fact way, he said hello and I was too busy trying to figure out if he’d actually spoken to me. How awkward I must have been, sitting, staring, not saying a word. I managed to gathered myself and said hi. He extended his hand, shook mine, and said his name was Travis. “Nice to me you I’m Lidia”, I responded.

My stop was fast approaching and before thinking about my next move I asked Travis for his number and gave him mine. Hoping he’d be the first one to call, I explained I had reached my destination and hoped we would speak soon.

I arrived at the office at approximately 9:15am, arriving just in time for the morning meeting, and I admit, I was beaming. Ecstatic. For the next 8 hours my mind was occupied thinking about Mr. Gorgeous.

I imagined our first date. Us talking, teasing. Our first kiss, touch, something I desperately needed.

[His hand slid up my thigh, one leg wrapped around his waste, tongues entangled, lips soft. He caressed my back while I thrust, grind  seduce, excite his body the same way he excite mine.]

What was I about to get myself into.

To Be Continued…..

Question: Do you think it’s possible to fall in love at first sight? Yes/No? And why.


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  • What do we define as love?
    There are certain people who you meet and connect with and before you know it you’re telling your friends and anyone who will listen that you’re in love. I know of a couple (my friends parents) who met, fell in love at first sight and were married 6 weeks later… They’re now 35 years and two kids on and my friends mum still tells me that she gets butterflies when she sees her husband. You hear of other couples who fall in ‘love’ at first sight and barely make it a year.
    I think that in most cases we fall in lust or like with the exterior – it takes time to connect and REALLY love that other person. Love is esteeming that other person higher than yourself – not to your detriment but wanting what is best for both of you as a unit. I’m a hopeful romantic, so that means that whiles I realise that that real love is rare – it is possible. Just because it is fast and sudden doesn’t make the initial reaction any less real. However, it is at that stage that people need to step out of the romance novels and into real life and really determine and understand what it is they have together.

    Good luck Lidia x

  • That was well said Hopeless.
    This is something I often wonder about. The realist in me is inclined to believe that love, real love anyway, doesn’t happen that way. It takes time to grow and with time the bond between two ppl will strengthen.
    but the hopeless romantic inme says anything is possible, such as meeting your eternal better half.
    I wonder what factors determine the longevity in any relationship?

  • brainly

    to fall in love occur in 2 ways. 1 physical beauty. this is a respond to someone physical attributes.this by the way gets bore with time because of familiarity. 2.inward beauty or connection. this takes time. this is a respond to the light,character,intelligent etc soul of a man. this last a life time. there is also falling in lust, this is base on physical and sexual desire.note having a strong lust for ur mate isn’t the problem building relation solely on it is!